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 Roundup Riders
Terry joins the Roundup Riders in 2012. 

 About 150 men and horses go on a week long 100 mile mountainous trail ride in the Colorado Rockies. We enjoy the company of good horses, the friendship of men who love this country, and the gorgeous rocky mountain scenery.

Half way through the week there is a change of pace where we have a layover day. Instead of a day long trail ride you can participate in a horse show, trap shoot, trail class, and rodeo. 

The rodeo includes timed events such as pole bending, flag race, keyhole race, tennis balls on traffic cones, and roping a feed bag of hay and dragging it back across the finish line.

The trail class has 5 obstacles with performance at each obstacle being rated from 0 (best) to 10 (worst). The lower your total score the better the run.

Obstacle 1: You side pass halfway astraddle a 12’ log. While your horse stands still you remove your slicker, shake it out and put it on. Then side pass off the log while staying astraddle it. Obstacle 2: Ride forward across a wooden foot bridge suspended over a creek. Obstacle 3: Ride forward into a 4 foot wide L shaped (~8 ft. sides) alley painted on the ground with a log blocking the far end, ride up to the log, stop, and back out the way you came with out touching or crossing the painted lines. A wood fire is burning inside the L-shape with smoke blowing across the far end of the alley near the log. Obstacle 4: Ride forward into a 4 foot wide L shaped (~8 ft. sides) alley painted on the ground with brush on all sides. At the end of the alley step your horses front feet down into a small creek. Stop & stand with their front feet in the middle of the creek. Then back up out of the creek to the corner of the “L”. Turn left and ride forward out of the alley. Obstacle 5: Ride forward into a 4 foot wide alley painted on the ground over a log drop off (2ft.). Proceed to a panel gate that is in about 8 inches of water. While mounted ride to the gate, open the gate, pass through it and close it all the while maintaining control of the gate with the same hand.