Bonnie's Garden
Bonnie's gardens, one off the back door for salad mixings and the other for large items.
Terry & Cowboy Joes in the Western Horseman
Cowboy Joes, 1998 FQHR amateur

High Point and Versatility Champion

as shown in the Western Horsemen
Terry showing Cowboy Joes in cutting
Terry showing Buck Spring Sally at the 2007 Western Nationals where the team placed in the Top Ten of the $3000 Novice Non-Pro
Bald eagle out the window
Winter of 2007, saw this eagle just 50' looking out of our bedroom window.
Buck Spring Sally placing in the top 10 at 2007 NCHA Western Nationals
Miss Playing Catalyst and Terry at Torrington Wyoming July 2007. The team won the derby NonPro circuit award.
Miss Playin Catalyst winning circuit award for derby horses
Birds eye view of our yard
Some of our foals: 
Baby horse
Weanling filly
Carmen Montana and Terry
Bath time
Carmen Montana, Terrys' first cutting horse. In 2004 she carried him that summer to his NCHA Achievement Buckle.
Once weaned, our baby horses are put through "kindergarten".
Terry getting first kiss from 2009 filly by Pepto Rio Playboy. Now she is a mom herself.
Cutting Horse Logo
Terry & Bonnie cooking at the fire pit for Grandma Nair summer of her 90th birthday.
Left:  Article in the Western Horseman about Terry and his accomplishments on the stud, Cowboy Joes, FQHR Amateur High Point & Versatility Champion.

Right:  Terry showing Cowboy Joes, before we sold him and went to a straight AI program.
Terry accepting Trail Horse of the Year from Jim Cage, Marv Beeman and Jim Brinkman on behalf of "Chester".
Misty Moon Rey and Terry getting it done in the cutting pen. We raised and Terry trained this daughter of Dual Rey. 
Misty & Terry getting it done
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The team that won the team challenge at the 2019 NWSS Horseman Challenge. Terry riding Liz, Jim Goff on Chester, Leno with April and Roger Cohen and Riley.